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Counselling Certificate

Counselling Certificate

Counselling Certificate


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Counselling Certificate


Counsellors are trained and licensed health professionals. They talk to patients about their life issues and help them find solutions to their problems. Counsellors differ, and so do their therapy approaches. Talking therapy helps patients handle various behavioural and mental issues, such as depression, anger, grief and anxiety, among others. Counsellors talk to their patients about all sorts of issues that are affecting their lives. Through discussion, solutions to the clients' problems are found. Counsellors work in all kinds of settings, such as family planning clinics, technical institutes, schools, community health centres, private practices and universities, among others. The kind of training that a counsellor undergoes varies from one counsellor to another. Due to the importance of counselling, clients should take the time to pick the right counsellor to provide them with talking therapy.

  • You Will Learn:
  • What counselling is, and what it entails
  • Issues that counselling can help solve
  • Counselling for depression, and how talking therapy works
  • NHS counselling services and private services
  • Voluntary and charity organisations offering counselling services
  • Other talking therapies
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