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Watch this video to find out more about WLV-Wallet Bursary and how to access your funds'

WLV Wallet Bursary

The WLV Wallet bursary is designed to help students make the most of their time studying at the University of Wolverhampton.

In August 2022, the University of Wolverhampton launched WLV Wallet, a new bursary that will support eligible students to progress through their studies.

Available to all new full-time undergraduate students, the WLV Wallet bursary is made available for you to spend in a dedicated online store. Eligible students will receive £200 in their first year and £100 on successful enrolment onto the next level of their studies (please read the terms and conditions below that apply).

WLV Wallet can be used to purchase a range of resources to help you make the most of university life, including digital and technology products, stationery, books and mobile data, plus much more.

If you are eligible for WLV Wallet, you will receive an email to your university WLV email account 24 hours after fully completing your enrolment.

For further details on the scheme and to get an idea of what you can buy, visit the You'll also be able to see the full terms and conditions and frequently asked questions.


Terms and Conditions

1.      Award details

These terms and conditions apply only WLV Wallet bursary which is being awarded for the first time in the academic year 2022/23.   

The Bursary is awarded to help support the successful progression of all eligible students. The funds can be used to purchase a wide range of digital and technology products, stationery, books, mobile data and other resources to support a student's studies and to help make the most of university life.

The Bursary is available to all full-time new entrants on an undergraduate programme where the course is studied at a University of Wolverhampton Campus. This includes Foundation degrees and HNC/D where studied full time, and based at a university Campus.

2.      Eligibility

To be eligible for the Bursary, you must meet all the criteria that apply. NB:  the criteria below are for students registering in or after the 2022/23 academic year.

a)    You must be a UK (Home fee status) student, fully enrolled on a Full-time, Undergraduate course (at level 3 or level 4).  This includes those students on Integrated Masters, HND/HNC and Foundation Degrees.

b)    Your course must be delivered by the University and the place of study must be at a University of Wolverhampton Campus.

c)    The award will only be made once for each level of study, so if a level of study is repeated the award will not be made.


a)    Students who have previously enrolled at the University of Wolverhampton will not be eligible.

b)    International and EU Students (overseas fee status) will not be eligible.

c)    Apprentices, Distance Learners, students at partner colleges or other locations that are not a University Campus will not be eligible.

3.        Value and Spending of Funds

a)      The total Bursary, which will be awarded as online credit, will be £300 and will be awarded across two years: £200 in the first year and £100 in the next year of study, subject to satisfactory progression to the next level (Level 3 to level 4; Level 4 to level 5, for example).

b)     Eligible students will be awarded their funds once they are fully enrolled.

c)       Funds will be available to spend online on a wide range of resources to support a student's studies (see for more details) and may be amended at any time.

d)      Funds are not transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

e)      Any unused balances remaining at the end of any academic year will be rolled over to the next or any subsequent academic year.  Balances will remain available until accounts are suspended or closed.

4.      Removal or suspension of Funds

a)    If you transferring to another course or start again at level 3 (foundation year) or 4 (first year undergraduate), you will not be eligible for the award against the new course. Any outstanding balance will remain in your account. Once you progress on to the next level of study you will be eligible for the appropriate credit to be made for that year of study.   

b)   If you take a Leave of Absence (temporary break in study) your account will be suspended until you resume your studies.

c)   If you are suspended by the University your account will be suspended until the suspension has been lifted.

d)   If you repeat part or all of a level, you will not be eligible to an additional award.

 e)   If you leave or are removed from your course your account will be closed and any remaining or future credit balance will not be available to you. Unfulfilled orders (if any) that you have placed, and that have been or will be paid for using the awards, will be cancelled.  

f)    Your account will be closed and credit balances lost if you misuse or commit any misconduct in connection with your account or in other circumstances if the University deems such action to be necessary or reasonable.

g)   The University reserves the right to suspend or remove future credits of awards at any time without notice.  The University will not be responsible if the crediting of any funds is delayed or prevented due to circumstances outside its control.

5.     Management of Bursary

a)       WLV Wallet Bursary is a collaboration between the University and JS Group Limited (JSG). 

b)      If you have any queries about your WLV Wallet account or items ordered please email ku/oc/tellaw-vlw//ofni/tneduts.

c)      No responsibility is accepted by the University for (i) any orders placed which are alleged to be lost, damaged, defective or stolen or are alleged either not to have been delivered or to have been delivered late; or (ii) credits of any refunds to student accounts to which students may from time to time be entitled.

d)      You are responsible for all activity on your WLV Wallet account and must keep your username and password confidential and secure.

6.     Changes to terms and conditions

The University reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Material changes will be notified to students.


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